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Bhutan – First Country to go 100% Organic (January 2016)

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Bhutan – First Country to go 100% Organic


Bhutanese Farmers Carrying Full Baskets

Most of the food people consume today contains a serious amount of harmful chemicals – from pesticides to hormones. I remember being at a winery a few years ago and seeing people dressed up in pretty much space suits to go and spray the grapes…all to protect their skin against the pesticide…we then put this inside of us…what?!?!!!…

Unfortunately in today’s society, spraying synthetic chemicals on crops has become NORMAL.

All day everyday we are consuming harming chemicals and most people are unaware of how dangerous this is for our little human bodies.

An attempt to explain…

The word you need to know is ‘Endocrine Disrupting Chemical’ (EDC). Basically, a HORMONE DISRUPTING CHEMICAL.

That is the most complicated bit over…so keep reading!!

EDCs (HORMONE DISRUPTING CHEMICALS!) are chemicals – mostly man-made, found in various materials such as pesticides, metals, additives, and personal care products.

Basically, these chemicals affect our hormone systems…in a bad way.


  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Thyroid and other cancers
  • The development of learning disabilities
  • Severe attention deficit disorder
  • Cognitive and brain development problems
  • Birth defects
  • Other developmental disorders
  • Reproductive problems
  • Changes in immune function
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes


So how do we change something that is so ingrained in the way that food is grown??…

It is a massive thing to change, but just think how much less illness there would be!! We wouldn’t have to spend so much money on treatments, healthcare….etc.

A lot of things worth doing are not easy. Nor cheap. So let’s look forward to this journey of change.

Awareness is a key factor to change. So here is to more people knowing about the dangers of chemicals! Let’s spread the word so that over time we can start to support more farmers in the transition to getting rid of those EDCs.…we might even get rid of the word altogether …now that would be a lot easier for everyone!!

N.B. The Environmental Working Group (doing great things) have a list called the ‘Dirty Dozen’ of the most synthetic chemical saturated products – so watch out for these nasties…if you can choose to buy only a few things organic, you could perhaps look to start with these…


Now back to the article on Bhutan: First country on it’s way to becoming 100% organic!! Way to go!!

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