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The summer bouncing begins!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016



It has been a long time since KTroo’s last blog post but we have so much to tell you about! Too much bouncing and not enough time to write!


It has been a crazy busy few months for KTroo, not only in Norwich but also in the South of England in Chichester. Not only have we been doing lots of classes with new people but also we have done lots of birthday parties and breakfast clubs a new type of club for KTroo. Bouncing before breakfast is a great way to get you up and awake to start you day fully energised and with summer approaching we have even been able to bounce outside.




One of the most exciting bounces we have done is Kate, Abbie and Jess went out to Madrid in Spain to go and bounce with 100’s of other people at a Rebound Boot Festival. We all had a great time and learned lots of new moves that we cant wait to teach you all. It was lovely and sunny and we even managed to fit in a little bit of sightseeing! On our tour of Madrid we swapped the boots for some Segway’s, it was a lot of fun even if we weren’t that good to start off with, but we soon picked it up!






There have been lots of birthdays celebrated on the boots, if you remember we went to do some bouncing in Ascot before Christmas in the December blog entry. KTroo has been back to Ascot and done a school social for 80 boys and girls and 2 birthday parties. As well as these two parties there has been lots celebrated in Norwich and Chichester.


Despite it being a long time since the last blog post, we promise we are going to make an extra effort to keep you all updated. Especially when we have so much exciting news to coming up in the summer to tell you about; for example Jamie’s Game later on in May, if any of you are interested in participating with this please let us know.


Stay Tuned, Keep Bouncing and enjoy the sun!


The KTroo Team


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