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We believe that fun & laughter is the best way to engage, educate & inspire.

Our Story

KTroo founder Kate Batty got hooked on rebound boots after seeing them whilst working in Spain in 2013. Kate was amazed by the low impact nature of the boots on her problematic left knee. Upon returning to live in the UK to finish her studies, Kate spent much of her final year of University with friends coming up with the concept of KTroo. The name KTroo in fact came from a combination of her own name & kangaroo – Kate/Katy-roo. Receiving support from her University (The University of East Anglia), the day before her final exam Kate hosted the first ever KTroo event in Norwich.

The core of KTroo encompasses 3-4 minute tracks that incorporate three principal sequences with higher intensity bursts on every chorus, KTroo acts as interval training in disguise. Much of the music is inspired from Kate’s work & travels abroad, in particular Latin America & The Caribbean, as well as popular music old & new.

The structure of KTroo events & classes has been tried & tested since it was established in 2014 & has developed in such a way that it can be adapted to suit different ages, fitness levels & settings. Today we are seeing more & more KTroo classes pop up in gyms, halls & schools. KTroo can be found at festivals & other events that look to offer something new & different. And for those looking to celebrate in style, KTroo Party Packages for children & adults make sure it truly is a day to remember.

KTroo was in fact first launched purely for adults to provide an alternative low impact & fun way of exercising. Then with so many enthusiastic children wanting to ‘jump’ in on the action & witnessing the need for more quality & diversity within the physical activities offered to children, after a successful crowdfunding campaign and support from Active Norfolk, KTroo Kids was born. KTroo Kids ‘Bounce & Laugh for a Healthier Heart’, focuses on delivery to children aged 6+. With fun child friendly music & routines, these unique kids sessions, events and parties also incorporate games & activities, providing a new & exciting way to get even the most inactive children involved.

KTroo is also proud to be delivering ever more family sessions & events. These family friendly affairs are suitable & accessible to all generations & fitness levels, meaning that parents & children can have fun being active together.

Since 2017 KTroo operates as a Licensed Fitness & Activity Programme. Licenses are available, similar to a mini-franchise, for individuals to run KTroo classes & events in an exclusive territory. Licenses are also available for businesses & venues.

With a fearless pursuit to work hard & have fun, Kate & the team cannot wait to get more people ‘Bouncing & Laughing’. Kate feels incredibly lucky to have such awesome people involved & would like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to all the people that have made KTroo possible.

“The more active you are, the greater your ability to stay healthy. It may sound dramatic, but being active really can transform your quality of life & perhaps, even your life expectancy. Your heart, your lungs, your bones, your whole body works better when you get active. Activity is essential not only to physical health, but also to mental health & well-being. Being active can help us feel happier, more confident, & is proven to have positive impacts on behaviour, learning, & self esteem.”
— Kate Batty – Founder – KTroo

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