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Age group

KTroo is suitable for 6-18 year olds, we tailor all our sessions accordingly. Older students will be bouncing & laughing along to the latest chart music, with younger pupils getting involved in lots of bouncy games & activities too through our ‘Bounce & Laugh for a Healthier Heart’ programme.

What we do

  • School Clubs
  • ‘Bounce & Laugh’ Days
  • Weekend Boarding Activity
  • PE & Sports Weeks
  • School Events, Fetes & BBQs
  • Child & Parent/Guardian Sessions
  • Staff Sessions

KTroo is non-competitive & easy to pick up. Our innovative sessions with fun upbeat music are a fantastic way of getting everyone excited about being active, even the most unlikely candidates.

Physical & Mental Health Benefits

When we exercise, neurochemicals, such as endorphins & adrenaline, are pumped throughout the body. Both these chemicals work together in the brain, making us feel more alert & giving us a feeling of excitement.

We focus specifically on ‘bouncing’ & ‘laughing’, both having a huge number of physical & mental health benefits.

The motion of ‘bouncing’ up & down, passing through a moment of weightlessness has unique phycological benefits due to the chemicals such as oxytocin that are released into the brain. Research has shown that increased oxytocin levels in the brain can help improve sociability, communication & relieve stress.

Along with bouncing, laughing also has an underrated amount of health benefits. Laughter strengthens our immune systems, boosts our mood, diminishes pain & protects us from the damaging effects of stress. Laughter can also help us improve emotional health, draw people together & strengthen relationships.

We want to help schools foster happy & healthy children & believe that ‘bouncing’ & ‘laughing’ is a great way to do so!

Minimum Standards
of Deployment

Quality & safety is paramount at all KTroo sessions. All our instructors have Enhanced DBS & First-Aid Certifications to support their training with KTroo.

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